About Us

The Foundry is a membership-based workshop in St Johnsbury, VT. We offer a well-equipped space for craftsmen, engineers, and hobbyists from all ages, disciplines, and walks of life to work together to create new and innovative products and businesses. We also provide training on state of the art industrial machinery, and educational outreach programs to improve local interest in engineering. The Foundry provides fully equipped, industry-grade workspaces for electronics, robotics, metal working, woodworking, welding and 3D printing. We also offer regular seminars in business skills, such as finding suppliers & manufacturers, fundraising, and marketing. As a member-driven organization, we will add capabilities as demand grows.

The Core Team

The Foundry is a community-driven organization, that is largely self governed by the needs of its members. However, to facilitate the smooth, continuted operation of the space, certain members act as facilitators and corporate officers.

Jim Schenck

PRESIDENT Jim is a serial inventor. He has worked for nearly all the local manufacturers over a career of 35 years. He’s designed products and manufacturing methods, managed numerous projects including an $8 million facility expansion, provided consulting services such as design, build and management including some with international reach, and has taught technical subjects including mathematics and statistics in a variety of adult education and college settings. He graduated from University of Michigan.

Tom Bishop

VICE PRESIDENT Tom is a versatile consultant with wide industrial experience. He’s worked in process development for 30+ years and has wide experience in CNC and PLC programming to achieve process automation and control. He’s designed automation machinery, tools, dies and fixturing for highly sophisticated operations as well as developed cutting edge manufacturing processes and has taught machine operation and blueprint reading on both a college and secondary school level. Mr. Bishop is a graduate of Dartmouth College.

Greg Schoppe

TREASURER Greg is our resident programmer and graphic designer. He has extensive experience in multiple languages and platforms. He has run his own startup and managed high value projects for clients including the Department of Defense, OSHA, NFPA, and the VT Dept. of Education. He studied Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University.

Mack Varnum

SECRETARY Mack is a multi-skilled manufacturing specialist. He started his manufacturing career as a CNC operator but quickly progressed through the ranks of prototyping, tooling, and shop supervisor. He has been responsible for statistical process control, ISO9001, setup and programming and now Continuous Improvement.

Dan Bisbee

PROCTOR Dan has been a Controls Engineer for nearly 30 years, working in industries from paper automotive to high voltage electronics to food products. He lives off the grid on solar power with a system he built himself. In his spare time he rides a motorcycle and does some freelance writing. He is a graduate of Purdue University.