Some Pics

Check out a couple pics - click for a better look!

First Night Ball
The Foundry participates in community events.  The new First Night Ball was built at The Foundry.  Plans are in the works to go even bigger and expand the ball to rival (and possibly exceed) the NYC Times Square Ball!!!  Stay tuned...

We play with robots at The Foundry.  Here's Yuri, our modified Attachnid®.  We removed the stock Nerf® gun and replaced it with a laser.  Yuri can be seen competing with other, similarly modifed bots at Champlain Mini Maker Faire and other venues throughout Vermont.

Wooden Gear laser etched and cut
The Foundry's laser is a very versatile and easy to use machine.  Here we have wooden clock gears cut and etched on the laser in a single setup.
Got a DIY project idea, or want to upcycle a scrap item?  Here's a birdhouse made from a broken guitar.


Magic happens when you combine modern manufacturing technology and traditional craftsmanship.  The Foundry's laser was used heavily in the construction of this ukulele.
Brainstorming projects is what we are all about.