Equipment for a variety of tasks and materials

The Foundry has a variety of equipment, from metalworking and woodworking machines to 3-D printing, jewelry tools, and the electronics lab.

Benchtop Machining:
SuperPro Lite 2000 Benchtop CNC Mill
Pro-lite 1000 Benchtop CNC Mill
Tec Cutting Edge CNC Lathe 00 CNC 500-001

Benchtop CNC's

Milling Machines:
Trak K2 Mill with Proto-Trak CNC
Bridgeport Mill
Bridgeport Mill with Acurite Mill Mate
Enco Mill with Acu-Rite
Ganesh Mill with Fagor

Prototrak CNC Mill
Enco Lathe 13" X 40" with Acu-Rite (4)
Trak TRL 1630 CNC Metal Lathe
Ganesh GT 1628 CNC Metal Lathe

CNC lathes

Other Machines:

TurnPro Surface Grinder

Geneve Universal Tool and Cutter Grinder

Metal Fabrication:
CNC Plasma Cutter Plasma Cam
Bending brake
Metal shear
Sheet metal rollers

Bar and Tubing Bender
Mig Welding
Tig Welding

Stick Welding

Manual Plasma Cutter(4)

Gas Welding and Cutting

Wood Planer
18X36 Drum Sander
Router Table
Oscillating Spindle Sander
Chop Saw (2)
Panel Saw
Table Saw (Saw Stop)
Scroll Saw
Band Saw
Powermatic Mortising Machine
Powermatic Wood Lathe

X-Carve CNC Router Table
Forest Scientific WL4000 CNC Wood Lathe

3D Printing and Electronics Lab:
XYZ DaVinci 1.0 filament 3D printer
Moonray SLA 3D Printer
NextEngine 3D Scanner
Mercury III 40W CO2 Laser Cutter/Engraver


Other Equipment:
Drill Press (3)

CAD/CAM workstations (12)

Jewelry Workshop:

Foredom flexshaft

Swanstrom disc cutter

Dapping punch and doming block set

Cast iron bracelet mandrel

Steel ring mandrel

Butane microtorch and charcoal soldering block

Pickle pot

Assorted jewelers pliers

Assorted jewelers hammers

Bench pins

Jewelers saws and assorted blades

Rotary tumbler with mixed stainless steel shot