Our Team

Jim Schenck

Jim is a serial inventor. He has worked for nearly all the local manufacturers over a career of 35 years. He’s designed products and manufacturing methods, managed numerous projects including an $8 million facility expansion, provided consulting services such as design, build and management including some with international reach, and has taught technical subjects including mathematics and statistics in a variety of adult education and college settings. He graduated from University of Michigan

Tom Bishop

Tom is a versatile consultant with wide industrial experience. He’s worked in process development for 30+ years and has wide experience in CNC and PLC programming to achieve process automation and control. He’s designed automation machinery, tools, dies and fixturing for highly sophisticated operations as well as developed cutting edge manufacturing processes and has taught machine operation and blueprint reading on both a college and secondary school level. Mr. Bishop is a graduate of Dartmouth College.

Charlie Savoie

Charlie has an extensive industrial background including process engineering, design for manufacturing, and product development. He also commands skills across a dizzying amount of design-related fronts, ranging from advanced digital fabrication, to heavy equipment repair.
He is a graduate of SUNY Buffalo, with a degree in Electrical Engineering.

Mack Varnum

Mack is a multi-skilled manufacturing specialist, with a background including industrial safety, assembly line design, and process improvement. He has been a fine artist, a woodworker, metalworker, draftsman, and machinist.
His hobbies include rustic furniture, building unconventional bicyles and musical instuments, and exploring many facets of design.

Dan Bisbee

Dan is an electrical engineer, with a background including machinery repair, programming and logic, and assembly line design.
His interests and hobbies include energy independance (he is a past instructor and article contributer ), racing motorcycles, electronics, and woodcraft.

Justin Hannington

Justin is a business owner and artist specializing in- but certainly not limited to- hand-crafted jewelry made of stone and metal.
He is also an avid community participant, having served as an EMT for many years, helping to develop the community garden in  Island Pond, and has been active in community development projects related to food security.
His interests include metal casting, woodworking, gardening, cooking, and stained glass.