Makers in Montpelier

On March 19th, in honor of National Maker Day, several Vermont maker groups took a field trip to the state capital, to meet with our legislators.  The Foundry was represented by Pres. Jim Schenck, VP Tom Bishop, Secretary Mack Varnum, Mike Knights, who brought some awesome custom motorcycle components, and Sean Breen, who brought his hand-made, custom designed electric guitar, The Phoenix.  Also in attendance, were friends from Generator, Lab B, and several other local spaces.

The day was spent discussing the needs and challenges of the Maker economy with Vermont law makers, and showing off some cool projects, too.  Special thanks go out to our legislative hosts Reps. Sam Young, Bill Botzow, Mary Hooper, and Tom Stevens and Sen. Tim Ashe
We were glad to represent the NEK at this event, and glad to see so many other familiar faces from the area, as well.